There are many things that make an amazing bathroom, and one feature that a bathroom isn’t complete without is a bathroom mirror. Often times, these mirrors don’t do much beyond being extremely utilitarian or overly practical. However, as people are beginning to pay more attention to both the look and function of a bathroom, it’s not surprising that more attention is being paid to bathroom mirrors.

Big or Small

While most people may feel that a bathroom mirror is first and foremost a utilitarian item, it’s important to understand how a mirror can help a smaller scale bathroom. Not only is the reflective surface of a mirror important for a bathroom, but a larger mirror that reflects man-made or natural light from a small bathroom can actually give the appearance of a larger space overall.

Framed Mirrors

The finishing details of a bathroom mirror are also important to consider. A person can choose a small medicine cabinet mirror hanging over a pedestal sink or multiple panels of glass in front of a large double vanity. Taking the time to find a framed out medicine cabinet or having large mirrors in front of the double vanity framed out in a decorative pattern can be an elegant and decorative touch. It’s also something that doesn’t have to cost a ton of money while still making a significant impact on how nice a bathroom can look.

Don’t be Limited

Lastly, don’t necessarily shy away from a large mirror. It may not be the type of mirror a person is typically expecting, and, in some cases, a large mirror may not be too much of a good thing, but don’t be afraid to go a bit bigger. The sheer scale of a large mirror can add new and decorative dimensions to a bathroom that a person may have never imagined.

This may seem like a lot of fuss for something as seemingly unimportant as a bathroom mirror, but what it can bring to the look and the function of a bathroom shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether you decide on something small and ornate or something on a massive scale, finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom can give this space a look that you never thought was possible.