Memory foam is a very popular material for mattresses. It provides support, comfort, and undisturbed sleep regardless of how restless the partner may be. Many manufacturers have created different versions of memory foam in efforts to improve their results. Increasing durability, cooling the sleeping surface, and adding firmer support are priorities.

Try a Purple Mattress

One company has added a hyper-elastic polymer to memory foam to create a purple mattress that provides the latest in mattress technology. It is made in America, has a cool sleeping surface, and includes a smart grid layer that distributes weight to avoid pressure points. The grid also improves spinal alignment in both back and side sleepers. The price is lower than people might expect, and the mattress comes with a one-hundred-night sleep trial. People in the market for a new mattress can learn more on the website.


Reviews indicate the mattress is durable and comfortable, earning four-point-six stars out of a possible five-star rating. There are hundreds of review sites online, and some can be misleading. Basing a major purchase on one or two individual opinions can result in disappointment. Some review site ratings are actually composites and averages of researched reviews. This method provides comprehensive information rather than scattered opinions from people who may have spent one or two nights on the mattress.

Relax on a Few Mattresses

There is no substitute for personally trying out a mattress. Reviews can help customers narrow down options, but it is essential to spend some time on mattresses. Take off the shoes, lie down, and try different positions to determine if the mattress is comfortable and supportive enough for your body. This should last for at least ten to fifteen minutes to get a real feel for how the mattress responds.

There are some mattress companies that exist online and have no physical locations. In this case, try a mattress that is similar in composition and firmness. It is not exactly the same but is better than making a blind investment. Proper sleep is the key to success, fitness, handling stress, and feeling your best. Take some time and do some research before spending one dime on a mattress.